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Thank you so much for the inquiries. And a very deep thanks to Mr. Van Gelder, Ms. Datlow, and everyone involved in the selection of the new trophy design for the World Fantasy Award. My submission, PERYTON, is the semi-finalist in the search to replace the bust of iconic, infamous, and renown author H.P. Lovecraft, by cartoonist Gahan Wilson. If you’re only familiar with Mr. Wilson because of the Lovecraft bust, I ask you to consider Googling him and take a look at the images.

His cartoon captioned “. . . I’m almost to the wall . . .” is not only a philosophical masterpiece IMHO, it captures how I feel about my last few weeks. I’m a new mentor for a high school competition robotics team. Four years ago, they were ranked last in the state. This year, they not only earned a spot in the state championship, they qualified for the world championship. I have been working around the clock with them during the last few weeks, and I apologize that I don’t have this site ready for the inquiries that resulted from the WFA press release. Thank you again, Mr. Van Gelder and Ms. Datlow, for the acknowledgement.

I imagine many of you hit the link to this site looking for the World Fantasy Award trophy semi-finalist design, so here are some pictures. Please understand my Peryton is a rough mock up, and not a final cast. I didn’t get that far in the submission process. These pictures feature a simulated antiqued zinc finish that I applied to try to heighten the horror aspect of the piece. The original submission design featured a selenite crystal that I’d hoped would evoke the feel of a full moon. I’m not on Facebook, or most other social media, but I hope to be soon.

Thanks for your interest!

Misty Hawkins

Peryton Sculpture by MH